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Dr. Ferid Murad Visits Our Company and Highly Praises the New-style Wanglaoji Herbal Tea

2018-09-10 2906 browsing

   Dr. Ferid Murad, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the "father" of Viagra, the Dean of Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute of GPHL, visited the company on 18 November and learnt about the production, management and sales status of Wanglaoji herbal tea in details. Vice Executive Director of Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Ni Yidong, General Manager Xu Wenliu, General Manager of the Administration Center Wu Huinan, Vice General Manager and Vice Chief Engineer of Production & Technology Center Li Cizhou and other leaders attended the conference and extended a warm welcome to Dr. Murad.

 As the senior advisor of the Guangdong Provincial Governor Zhu Xiaodan, Dr. Murad came to China in 2013 to attend the International Consultative Conference on the Future Economic Development of Guangdong Province and contacted with SGS in this July on behalf of GPHL to officially open up the research of Wanglaoji herbal tea according to international standards. At the meeting, Vice Chief Engineer Li Cizhou introduced and demonstrated the new-type herbal tea of Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry, including sugar-free, low-sugar, post-mixed and solid tea. Dr. Murad listened with great interest and tasted the solid herbal tea. He greatly identified with the program. "This method is similar to the development strategy of Coca-Cola. At the beginning, Coca-Cola was also a single product. Since a decade ago, new types of products have been developed gradually. Containing both sugar-free tea and herbal tea with sugar, this product mix of Wanglaoji herbal tea is suitable for the consumptive habits of the young generation." He said.


 Later, Dr. Murad asked detailed questions on all aspects of Wanglaoji, including marketing, selling, staff and production. General Manager Xu Wenliu said that nearly 10,000 staff members involved in Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry and the marketing channel was expanding rapidly. In addition, Wanglaoji took the central position in the fourth unit of the label advertisements after the CCTV News with 55 million yuan in 2014 CCTV Prime Resource Bidding on 11 November. At the same time, Wanglaoji also renewed the contract with the most watched television show of CCTV-3, Open the Door for Happiness, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Later, it expanded awareness during the World Cup.


 Dr. Murad was very satisfied with the production and management of Wanglaoji herbal tea and expressed the willingness to set up a joint venture with GPHL to operate more massive-health products like pomegranate juice so that to lay a solid foundation for the internationalization of GPHL's massive health industry. He also revealed that more than 10 herbal medicines can improve the level of nitric oxide in human body, all of which can be produced into food, health-care products or medicines and it had a promising prospect. He had great faith in the enormous potential of massive-health industry in Chinese market. He also emphasized that an excellent quality was the foundation of manufacturing health-care products, and the 185-year history of Wanglaoji herbal tea was the most convincing example. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the research of the international standards of herbal tea and make Wanglaoji herbal tea more technical in order to build a solid base for the further development of new products.

 Early in 2010, GPHL has raised the development strategy of "Massive Health". After withdrawing the red-canned Wanglaoji herbal tea, the Group push forward the implementation of the "Two-Wheel Strategy of Great Southern Medicines and Massive Health" to lead the transition of pharmaceutical industry into massive-health industry. As the main force of the massive-health industrial cluster, Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry wishes to conduct the next round of expansion in the massive-health industry by setting up a joint venture of massive-health products with Dr. Murad.

General Manager Xu Wenliu presented a souvenir to Dr. Murad and expressed the wish to conduct the next round of expansion in the massive-health industry by setting up a joint venture of massive-health products with Dr. Murad.

Dr. Murad showed great interest in the new-type Wanglaoji herbal tea and tasted the solid herbal tea

Dr. Ferid Murad visited the company to investigate the manufacturing and operating status of the herbal tea. Leaders of the Group and the company extended a warm welcome to him.