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The grand opening of Wanglaoji brand store at Beijing Road, Guangzhou

2018-09-10 3695 browsing


On Dec. 28, Guangzhou Old Street opens officially, which is ,located in the northern section of Beijing Road (from the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province to the intersection of Zhongshan 5th Rd.)Yuexiu District in which there are48 stores and 15 time-honored enterprises alone the line. Wanglaoji herbal tea shop, which is the world-famous as the ancestor of herbal tea and the well-established brand of Chinese herbal tea, was built in the Old Street.


The Old Street attracts the well-established enterprises with a high reputation in the province and even in the whole country, with numerous customers, strong market competitiveness, traditional crafts, cultural tourism or characteristic catering, and some famous catering enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao to settle in the Street for operation. On the occasion of the opening of the Old Street, all the well-established shops celebrated together for the grand opening and prepared various kinds of products, small gifts, and promotion for the public and tourists.

Archaistic herbal tea shop reproduces the legend of copper pot

Restored Wanglaoji herbal tea shop the legend and brilliant achievements of Wanglaoji and the over 180-year-old herbal tea history were compiled into the Cultural Museum. According to the historical records, when Lin Zexu carried out his Opium-banning Movement in Guangdong, he was so tired that he had a heat stroke. In the next day, he recovered after drinking Wanglaoji herbal tea. Therefore, Lin Zexu took a gourd-shaped copper pot as a gift with three golden characters of "Wang Lao Ji" inscribed on it, which implied that the herbal tea could save the pain. Today, this copper pot is reshaped, so tourists can witness its grand appearance.

Down-to-earth Wanglaoji aims to be the consumers' favorite brand of herbal tea

As the New Year is approaching and the shop is near opening, - lanterns are shining brightly, and our first-week activity starts. During Dec. 28 to DEC.29, Consumers can buy three cans of Wanglaoji with RMB 10.00andget a free travel bus to visit Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum only at .

185 years ago, Wanglaoji originated from traditional Chinese herbal tea and was the crystallization of the quintessence of Chinese medicine culture. Since 1991, Wanglaoji had carried out R & D of science and technology. Granular-shaped herbal tea medicines were changed into drinks, making the earliest box-packed and can-packed herbal tea in China creatively. “Herbal tea” , a new type of tea, then came into our life which laid the foundation for the large-scale industrialization of herbal tea. Wanglaoji successively made sugar-free, low-sugar, solid herbal tea, greatly enriching the category of herbal tea to meet the needs of various consumers.

There are thousands of collections, product research and development achievements of different times, thousands of Chinese herbal plantations, and the landscape of Lingnan Garden in Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum. All these will bring a rich and colorful life to the citizens and visitors who take part in this opening activity.