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Wanglaoji perfectly interprets the true leader of herbal tea Released 2014 development strategy of “Pin character pattern”

2018-09-10 2488 browsing


  On March 4, Wanglaoji held a media communication meeting in Guangzhou, officially releasing the 2014 development strategy of “Pin character pattern”. It will strategically deploy three sections of “fashion”, “culture” and “technology”, meanwhile, the advertising of “A bottle of Wanglaoji keeps excessive internal heat away” was also officially released.


 Release of Wanglaoji 2014 “Pin character pattern” Strategy


The production and management rights of Wanglaoji red cans and red bottles have been recovered for nearly 20 months, during which Wanglaoji experienced the “three noes” dilemma of no production line, no channel and no team. However, with the comprehensive expansion of production capacity and channels in 2013, and the increasing strength of marketing team, we successfully completed the market sales target of 15 billion yuan, and achieved the gorgeous turn from “hard start” to “rebirth”. And today’s release of the development strategy also indicates that Wanglaoji has set sail again and continues to move forward.


 2014 development strategy of “Pin character pattern” mainly includes three sections: “fashion” “culture” and “technology”. “Fashion” receives high attention from consumers, therefore Wanglaoji will work along three lines such as entertainment, sports and film and television. It will not only cooperate with strong media such as Hunan Satellite TV and CCTV Variety Channel to vigorously develop the entertainment marketing, but also join hands with the core network platform to vigorously promote film and television. In the future, it may cooperate with World Cup Brazil for sports marketing.


 In 2014, Wanglaoji continued to promote and inherit the herbal tea culture. While deepening the promotion strategy of Ji Culture, Wanglaoji will also promote the herbal tea culture around the world with the “Herbal Tea Museum” as the core. The Herbal Tea Museum established by Wanglaoji was officially opened at the end of last year, which laid the foundation for the promotion of “herbal tea culture”. The museum has attracted nearly 100,000 tourists in just a few months since its opening. In addition, in February of this year, “Wanglaoji” also appeared on the with great honor issued by China Post through special approval, intensively showing Wanglaoji’s “Brand Story and Inheritance Story”, which was highly concerned by all walks of life.


 In terms of science and technology, following the launch of the National Standard Research Project on Herbal Tea in 2012, Wanglaoji also published the achievements in scientific research of the 863 National Plan for the first time in June 2013., Meanwhile, it also launched the International Standard Research Project on Herbal Tea with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Murad. It is understood that the International Standard Research Project on Herbal Tea is also expected to show its embryo in 2014.


 The new advertising emphasizes “authenticity”


 Wanglaoji’s new advertising emphasizes “authenticity”. The release of the advertising content on the official microblogging on the evening of March 3 immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. The “authenticity” advertising is the first action of Wanglaoji’s strategy of “Pin character pattern”. Some brand experts said that judging from the current herbal tea market environment, Wanglaoji’s “authenticity” advertising is not only a marketing action, but also a rectification of name for Wanglaoji’s “century-old historical inheritance”.


 Analyzed by the above-mentioned brand experts, Wanglaoji’s new slogan continues to emphasize product positioning of “preventing excessive internal heat” and expresses to consumers from two levels  at the same time through highlighting the unique advantages of “authenticity”: first, based on the cognitive bias of current consumers, reminding  consumers to identify Wanglaoji’s “authenticity” to deepen the brand distinction from similar products and strengthen the brand image of Wang Laoji’s “authenticity”; second, deepening  consumers’ natural association of brand history and brand culture of Wanglaoji through “authenticity” to strengthen its true leader image in the herbal tea industry in the minds of consumers.


 March 4, 2014 will be a new start. From this day, Wanglaoji will go all out from media cooperation to terminal promotion, and will bring new advertising to the market.


 A direct line of succession Wang Laoji’s centuries-old historical inheritance


 Founded in 1828, Wanglaoji enjoys a history of 186 years and is recognized as the ancestor of herbal tea in China. After the first “Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Shop” was opened in Guangzhou, Wanglaoji successively experienced the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, and once helped the event of Destroying Opium at Humen Beach, for which Lin Zexu also personally presented a copper gourd for showing his thanks. After the founding of New China, “Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Shop” experienced socialist transformation and the periods such as “Wanglaoji United Pharmaceutical Factory” and “Guangzhou Yangcheng Pharmaceutical Factory”. Guangzhou Phar. Holdings was not formally established until 1996, at which intangible assets such as Wanglaoji trademark was took over by Guangzhou Phar. Holdings. In 2005, Wanglaoji Pharmacy established a joint venture company. In 2012, Guangzhou Phar. Holdings established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangzhou Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Company Limited.


 “Innovation in heritance” is a strong evidence of Wanglaoji as an authentic herbal tea. From original bowl herbal tea, in 1991, Wanglaoji creatively produced boxed and canned Wanglaoji herbal tea based on the secret prescription handed down from ancestors. This is China’s first herbal tea drinks, which solves the territorial limitations such as quality assurance, transportation and storage of traditional large bowl of herbal tea, gives the herbal tea industry the foundation for large-scale industrialization in the country, thus laying the foundation for the development of China’s ten billion herbal tea industry.


 In 2012, after the production and management rights of Wanglaoji red cans and red bottles were recovered, relying on the GAP planting bases of 32 traditional Chinese medicinal materials owned by Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, Wanglaoji selects raw materials according to GAP requirements, adopts the techniques such as quantitative extraction and finger-print for quality control, adheres to the traditional herbal cooking extraction process and combines with modern production technology to strictly guarantee the quality of “authentic” Wanglaoji herbal tea.


 Not long ago, the China Association for Quality announced the results of the consumer satisfaction survey for 2013 tea drinks industry, and Wanglaoji herbal tea ranked first in the consumer satisfaction of tea drinks with the score of 73.68. Senior marketing experts said that this data directly reflects excellent consumers experience of Wanglaoji products.


 China’s Coca-Cola  Wanglaoji is the true leader in the herbal tea industry


 In 2013, Wanglaoji achieved a market sales task of 15 billion yuan. In 2014, it continued to exert strength to achieve the market sales target of 20 billion. The rapid development speed of Wanglaoji makes this new sales target be just around the corner. In addition to the pioneering spirit, the industry leader should also shoulder certain social responsibilities. Since March 2013, Wanglaoji has successively established a number of projects such as “Wanglaoji Cultural Research Institute” and “Herbal Tea Museum”, meanwhile it also held the first China Herbal Tea Culture Festival and joined hands with domestic herbal tea companies to establish the “Strategic Alliance of China Herbal Tea Industry” to unite the industry together and make the Chinese herbal tea market bigger and stronger.


 In terms of public benefit practice, Wanglaoji has been making active response, making donations and contributions the first time in the Yiliang earthquake in Yunnan, the Dingxi earthquake in Gansu, the flood in Yuyao, the H7N9 bird flu and so on. Especially in the strong earthquake of 7.0 in Ya’an in 2013, Wanglaoji carried out golden rescue for 72 hours and delivered all the materials to the front line. On the 6th day after the disaster, Wanglaoji decided to fund the establishment of the Ya’an production base with 300 million yuan, taking the lead in promoting post-disaster reconstruction and pioneering the “transfusion + hemopoiesis” model of social benefit in China.


On May 21, 2012, Wanglaoji released the 136 development strategy of striving to build Wanglaoji from a national brand into a world brand. Now we have witnessed Wanglaoji’s efforts and achievements on the road to the world brand, and Wanglaoji’s relevant leaders also said again that they hope to work together with peer companies to promote the common development of the herbal tea industry.