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Wanglaoji Initiated "One Exclusive Barcode for One Can "

2018-09-10 2148 browsing

 Turning consumers into users, centering on user participation, and constantly improving Wanglaoji's consumption experience in all aspects of products, channels, brands and culture "- on May 10," Wanglaoji, the originator of time-honored herbal tea brand, officially released its 2015 "Super Wanglaoji + " strategy at the " Super Wanglaoji +Strategy Release & Traditional Industry Internet for +Summit Forum " held in Guangzhou, raising the curtain of the fast consumption industry’s creative transformation on the strength of Internet+.


 It is reported that Wanglaoji’s "Super Wanglaoji+" strategy has been tested for a year, including Tencent, WeChat, JingDong, SUNING and other partners, aiming to build a set of mobile Internet-based super platforms to provide participatory interaction and personalized services for a large group of consumers of herbal tea, and finally to create the first consumer ecological circle with breakthrough significance. Meanwhile, Wanglaoji’s the first landing project of the "Super Wanglaoji +" strategic action, i.e. Wanglaoji Summer "the Hotter and the More Love Attitude Can" formally hit the market, which means the Wanglaoji’s 2015 summer theme marketing was officially launched.


 Trial for One Year, Three Updates, Created First User Ecological Circle in Fast Consumption Industry


 Since this year, the Internet + has become the most frequently used industrial hot words. Premier Li Keqiang's report on Government Work of the two Sessions has raised the Internet +to the level of national economic and industrial development, pointing out the direction for the transformation of many traditional enterprises. Internet+ traditional industry creates infinite imagination space, also meaning that the traditional business model will change or even be revolutionized.


 Based on this, Wanglaoji "Super Wanglaoji+" Strategy Release & Traditional Industry Internet +Transformation Summit Forum attracted a large number of Internet giants, industry experts and representatives of traditional enterprises. On the same day, mobile Internet and e-commerce giants such as WeChat, Alipay, JingDong and SUNING jointly launched the Super Wanglaoji + strategy with Wanglaoji discussed in depth the opportunities and challenges for traditional enterprises to embrace the Internet. At the press conference, Wanglaoji Company disclosed in detail the "Super Wanglaoji +" strategy. It is reported that this is a "Internet" system created by Wanglaoji based on the mobile Internet which includes three meanings:

 The first is super media: according to the fast consumption channel, Wanglaoji herbal tea sales reached 20 billion in 2014, selling about 6 billion cans of Wanglaoji. Product itself is medium, which means 6 billion cans of Wanglaoji themselves are super media, and also mean high frequency brand exposure for 6 billion people. In the future, the body of the 6 billion cans of Wanglaoji herbal tea are to open to the outside world to become super media.


 Second is the super entrance and super platform: based on the mobile Internet, which is the interaction and service platform with bar code of Wanglaoji can body as the entry and annual consumption of 6 billion cans as the flow basis. The platform will be connected to everything, currently divided into three major parts including e-commerce portal, content channels and interactive services. Consumers can achieve e-commerce shopping, food sharing, complaint exchange, game interaction, customized services and other functions on the platform. There is also a super alliance: Super Wanglaoji + platform integrating Wanglaoji's giant partners including WeChat, Alipay, JingDong, SUNING, Youku and Iqiyi, will provide users with unlimited value-added services on this platform. That is to say, Super Wanglaoji + is a combination of super media, super portals, super platforms, super alliances and huge consumer users, which will eventually form a super ecosystem based on the core of the consumption of herbal tea, with the user experience as the core, and supported by participatory interaction and customized services.


 In fact, with the opening of the First Year of China Mobile Internet in 2014, Wanglaoji has been actively laying out the Internet +: in May of last year, Wanglaoji joined hands with Tencent to build a mobile World Cup Guess Game based on mobile connectivity services, achieved a good result of 180 million participant. On National Day Festival of last year, , Wanglaoji launched an interactive event to "Light Up the Guangzhou Tower and Win Movie Tickets," i.e. joined hands with WeChat and by taking the bar code on Wanglaoji can as the main entrance, created first super-entrance of fast consumptions of the industry, setting a total record of 5.08 million interactive person/time. The 2015 Jiangsu Satellite TV •Wanglaoji’s New year Concert interacted with a total of 15.85 million people participating in the online interaction, creating to the data peak of WeChat reaching 130’000 times. In 2015, also thanks to internet-based services, Wanglaoji launched an ecommerce custom-made Wanglaoji Auspicious Can for Chinese New year that have boosted sales by six times.


 Initiated "One Exclusive Barcode for One Can "in Fast Consumption Industry

 “ One Exclusive Barcode for One Can” once generally only existed in luxury goods industry now is realized in the fast consumption industry. At the press conference, Wanglaoji announced that it had realized the "one can, one yard" technology, the first of its kind in the fast consumption industry. This means that each can of Wanglaoji herbal tea bought by consumers has an independent identity card. Consumer can identify this "identity card" through code scanning technology of the mobile Internet platform, and also customers can get the same accumulated points with that of membership card. The accumulated point can achieve such favors as ticket exchange, commodities, food discounts and so on.


 Since last year, WeChat has gradually opened up and released more and more powerful features, providing a initiative breakthrough for enterprise in solving the problem of connecting brands, and products and users. WeChat officials said that Wanglaoji is the world's first brand initiated cooperation with WeChat to achieve bar code scanning. "in the joint exploration and promotion of the two sides, Wanglaoji, with its outstanding brand and integrated marketing ability, has achieved almost 5,000 person/time participation of daily barcode scanning interaction in the short months since the launch of the barcode. In the future, both sides will give this super entrance more possibilities. "


 Zhang Yun, a partner in Reese China, said that the core support of Wanglaoji's " Super Wanglaoji +" strategy comes from the Internet idea, which emphasizes user-centered engagement by constantly attracting consumers to participate in interaction, and finally transform the consumers of Wanglaoji into loyal users of Wanglaoji products, loyal fans of the brand and die-hard fans of Wanglaoji culture, so as to enhance the loyalty and cultural connotation of the herbal tea brand.

  Wanglaoji Will Build First Big Data Center of Herbal Tea


 It is reported that Chinese herbal tea has a huge group of more than 1 billion consumers. For this huge group of herbal tea consumers, Wanglaoji's Super Wanglaoji + strategy means not only to create an ecological circle of herbal tea,  but also to collect and analyze of big data of this huge consumer and build up herbal tea big data center, which will become the next step of the super-lucky strategy.


 “At present, we are building the APP of the Wanglaoji brand, which will be connected to the Super Wanglaoji+ platform, in order to collect and analyze the data of the core users of herbal tea, and to develop a function related to the core consumer life services of herbal tea and it will be a considerate software for consumers; and for Wanglaoji, it is user big data center based on the consumption of herbal tea.” said Wanglaoji relevant responsible person. Wanglaoji also said that in order to give consumers a clearer understanding of "Super Wanglaoji+", the next step will be to establish offline experience stores in the core cities, the first batch of which are considered Shanghai and Guangzhou, allowing users feel and experience the value-added service of the "Super Wanglaoji+" platform. The Super Wanglaoji+ platform in the future will also be connected with the country's 6 million offline terminals, building an online and offline super ecological circle unique to tea consumers.


 The ideal of Internet +Herbal Tea +Wanglaoji = Super Wanglaoji+" triggered an infinite imagination space. In the industry, the introduction of "Super Wanglaoji+" strategy marks Wanglaoji’s reconstruction of consumer communication mode, upgrade to create a new set of Wanglaoji business ecosystem. Driven by the new strategic model, Wanglaoji is no longer confined to the materialized attributes of products, but extends to more social attributes, thus placing consumers in the most important position and constantly strengthening the brand and product participation in the direction of consumer demand. For Wanglaoji, through the implementation of Super Wanglaoji+'s strategy, through the deep participation and interaction with the users, and by constantly accepting user suggestions in the construction of products, channels, brands and cultures, truly creating Wanglaoji's "Wanglaoji"into the "Super Wanglaoji+" that belongs to hundreds of millions of users in Internet era. Internet watchers say that as more and more consumer goods companies realize the good tastes of the big cake of the Internet +, the Super Wanglaoji+ strategy has established a first-mover advantage for Wanglaoji.

Attitude Can Ignites Summer Marketing  200-million-yuan Red Envelope Aims to 70% Market Share


 At the Press Conference, Wanglaoji formally launched 2015 Summer “the Hotter the More Love Attitude Can”, which ignited its summer marketing. A set of “Attitude Can” is composed of 8 cans, new decoration is added to the classic red can body, making the package of Wanglaoji more modern and internationalized. The loyal users of Wanglaoji herbal tea are divided into 8 core user groups including night owl (people like to stay up late) and entertainment zealots with different patterns on the herbal tea can body including “the Hotter the More Love-Square Dance”, “the Hotter the More Love-Night Owl”, “the Hotter the More Love-Hang Out” and “the Hotter the More Love-Love Bear Hug” respectively for them.  


 It is known that, currently the Wanglaoji Attitude Can has hit the market from whole channels. For on-line channel, consumers can, through the entry of scanning the barcode on the Wanglaoji Attitude Can, enjoy the herbal tea as well as the red envelop with total value of 200 million yuan, including consumption red envelop from Jingdong, SUNING, VIP, YOUKU and Iqiyi.


 Since Wanglaoji’s winning the lawsuit last December, the multiple advantageous situations provide Wanglaoji with strong support in terms of national market and strategy internalization. Since the early of this year, Wanglaoji enjoy many advantageous situation and smooth brand marketing. It is estimated by the industry that, all these is strongly supporting Wanglaoji’s seizing market share.

 In January of this year, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, the parent company of Wanglaoji, announced its 10-billion-yuan financing proposal and successfully introduced the Yunfeng Fund subordinated to the Jack Ma’s Alibaba as strategic investor. Of which, 4 billion yuan will fully used for the brand promotion, channel construction and integrating development of great health product. Then, the Northern HQ of Wanglaoji started its operation formally, which further enforced Wanglaoji’s development. Chen Mao, the GM of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group & President of Wanglaoji Great Health said that the Northern HQ of Wanglaoji started its formal operation not only showed that Wanglaoji’s attaching importance to the Northern Chinese market even the international market, but also meant the tremendous periodic progress of the long-planned Southern and Northern Cores Strategy. This also will push forward the internalization of beverage unique to China represented by Wanglaoji, speed up its striving to become global level brand and lead the striding development of Chinese herbal tea industry.


 According to the data of fast consumption channel, the sales of Wanglaoji has reached 20 billion yuan in 2014. Presently, the survey data of Chinese Commercial Association shows that Wanglaoji’s market share reached 40.75% in 2014, and the Wanglaoji brand has been topped the herbal tea market for many years in a row, and it still remains a leading position in the market. In addition, Wanglaoji also was honored with champion of Consumers Satisfaction Degree Survey for Beverage and Drinks of Chinese Quality Association for two years in a row, really Two Tops in terms of sales and quality.

Zhang Yun said, as the inventor of herbal tea and leader in the industry, currently Wanglaoji has formed its strategy plan, which is significant not only to its great health industry upgrade and to create Wanglaoji into global brand; meanwhile, it is also help increase Wanglaoji’s market share in the herbal tea and strengthen its leading position in the herbal tea industry.


It is estimated by the industry that, with multiple advantageous situations including winning the “Red Can Lawsuit”, claiming 2.9 billion infringement compensation for competitive product, as well as 4-billion -yuan investment from its parent company in the future, Wanglaoji will further expand its market share up to 70%.