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Entering Africa's Largest Market Nigeria, Wanglaoji Expands New International Market

2018-09-10 2072 browsing


 On November 21, the contract signing ceremony between Wanglaoji and Nigeria Zhonglan Chain Management Co., Ltd. was held in Guangzhou. This marked a big step forward for Wanglaoji to expand new market in Africa after Angola and South Africa, i.e. the Company has seized the sales commanding height of African market. Under the new situation of China's "Belt and Road" Initiative, Wanglaoji's marching into the Nigerian herbal tea market is the need of mutually beneficial cooperation with the Nigerian market, as well as the need for the country to deepen its opening to the outside world and upgrade its industry.


Taking Advantage of "Belt and Road" Initiative, Wanglaoji Marches into the Largest Market in Africa


That morning, signing ceremony of the market contract between Wanglaoji and Nigeria officially began. Liu Baochun, Secretary of the Party Group & Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government; Li Chuyuan, Party Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group; Chen Mao, the GM of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group & President of Wanglaoji Great Health and Mr. Princess General Manager prince Nigeria Zhonglan Chain Management Co., Ltd to presented on the ceremony and joined hands to open a win-win international new journey.


 Wanglaoji took an important step into the African market by signing a contract with Nigeria's Zhonglan Chain Management Co., Ltd., directly reflecting our country’s strategy of "One Belt and One Road". In 2013, China launched the Vision and Action to Promote Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road", which explicitly regards Africa as one of the implementing regions of Belt and Road strategy.


 Nigeria is the largest populous country in Africa, with a huge demographic dividend. Nigeria is also Africa's largest economy with $220 billion of trade between China and Africa in 2014, which means a potentially huge consumer market. Wanglaoji's entry into the Nigerian market will foster Nigerian people’s consumption habit of herbal tea, help them increase income and improve the quality of life. The cooperation between the two sides will also lead to the sustained and stable development of the related industries and their upstream industrial chains, which has played a positive role in the development of the local economy. Following the excellent performance of the Angolan market in South Africa, Wanglaoji opened up the market of Nigeria, the Africa's largest economy, which has far-reaching implications for improving the international layout of Wanglaoji's great health industry and speeding up the pace of globalization.


 National Brands Shine in Africa and China's Power Attracts Africa’s Attention


 As one of the most important economies in the world, the African market with huge investment potential has become a trend, with state-owned enterprises and private enterprises playing an increasingly important role in the economic and social stage of Africa. It is understood that China and the African Union have signed a 48-year trade and development memo covering almost all of Africa, covering all related facilities such as high-speed rail, highways, aviation and industrial infrastructure, to help Africa's "great development of the century." In 2014, China Railway has signed a commercial contract with Nigeria for a coastal rail project that will benefit the African people.


 Driven by national policies, many national enterprises choose to go out and expand their development space. From the frequent moves of Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and other national brands into the African market, to the contract signing of Nigeria by the century-old herbal tea brand Wanglaoji to opening up new market in West Africa, it is a testament to China's strong economic development and it is also a reflection of the strength of national brands shining in Africa.


 In terms of assistance and cooperation, Chinese traditional medicine has brought great benefits to the people of Africa and the world. Africa, as an underdeveloped region of the world economy, lags behind in infrastructure and health care equipment. In the fight against Ebola, the Chinese People's Liberation Army medical team assisted Africa with Chinese medicine for the treatment of local patients and achieved good results. More than 40 countries across Africa have coexisted with malaria for years, and with Chinese scientist Tu Youyou winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine, African markets have a strong demand for traditional Chinese medicine. Wang Laoji, one of the core sectors of the "Great Health" industry of the Chinese medicine giant Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, exports quality products and culture to Africa and strengthens communication between Chinese enterprises and the Nigerian market.


Industry analysts analyze that, Wanglaoji’s signing a contract with Nigeria successfully opened the door to Africa's largest market and showed the strength of the national brand going out, marking the great achievement of Chinese enterprises in African economic and trade cooperation. Wanglaoji's international strategy will help build a world class fast consumption giant and it is committed to promoting traditional Chinese medicine and healthy plant drinks to the world.

Wanglaoji Marches into Nigeria of Africa   Dominates Another International Market

Liu Baochun, Secretary of the Party Group & Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government; Li Chuyuan, Party Secretary and Chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and other parties Presents on the Ceremony

Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between Wanglaoji and Nigeria Zhonglan Chain Management Co., Ltd. Held in Guangzhou

The contract signing marks Wanglaoji's taking another big step in internationalized African Market after Angola and South Africa

Wanglaoji will seize the commanding height of sales in African market

Wanglaoji’s signing contract with Nigeria this time marks Wanglaoji’s opening Africa's largest market and demonstrates strength of the national brand going abroad