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Three championships in a row! Wang Laoji ranked first in 2015 consumer satisfaction survey

2018-09-10 1761 browsing


 On November 30th, 2015, the Strategic Cooperation Seminar of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited was held in Xiamen, Fujian. At the meeting, the “2015 Food Industry (Tea Beverage) Consumer Satisfaction Survey” was interpreted by the China Association of Quality (CAQ). Wang Laoji, one of the core sectors of the Guangzhou Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Company Limited, was awarded 6 gold prizes and was honored as the first choice in 2015 tea beverage consumer satisfaction survey, which had been widely praised and recognized by consumers.

Wang Laoji won the championship for three consecutive years, boosting consumer confidence in the herbal tea beverage industry


 To better understand the consumer's satisfaction with the tea beverage industry, and provide basis for brand strategy of tea beverage companies, the CAQ conducted an industry-wide authoritative survey covering the mainstream tea beverage brands in the four cities and regions of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing, the geographical regions of North China, Northeast China, East China, South China, Southwest China and Northwest China. The consumers surveyed were sampled randomly by telephone number and network ID.


 According to the survey, Wang Laoji has won the first place in terms of brand image, perceptual quality, perceptual value, satisfaction, consumer confidence and loyalty. With respect to satisfaction, Wang Laoji scored 3 points higher than its counterparts in the tea beverage industry. With a total score of 75, it was ranked first and won the third championship after 2013 and 2014. In 2015, the Wang Laoji brand's loyalty indicators far outperformed that of other competitors in the industry. According to the survey, Wang Laoji’s male consumers were 30% more than female consumers, and Wang Laoji was particularly popular among young people.


 It is worth mentioning that the consumer confidence of tea beverage consumers in 2015 has been significantly improved compared with that in the past, which indicates that consumers' impression of food safety and health in the tea beverage industry has further improved. The high consumer confidence arose not only from the tea beverage companies’ investment in the nutrition and health, but also from the core guideline of the national “13th Five-Year Plan”, which greatly stimulated the needs and recognition of the Chinese people in terms of “medicine, healthcare and health”.


Wang Laoji's quality first strategy fits the "new normal" in the herbal tea industry


 Wang Laoji has won the first place in consumer satisfaction survey for three consecutive years, which is resultant from the concept of providing consumers with the products of the highest quality over years. Nowadays, the average annual growth rate of beverage industry in China is declining by more than 20% year by year. The beverage enterprises are facing the severe challenge of “new normal”. Wang Laoji insists on steadily moving forward from innovation in raw materials, scientific research, production capacity and production management to realize growth and expansion of market share against all odds and promote the development of the herbal tea industry, which won the attention of the industry and consumers.


 In terms of raw material selection, sourced from 32 Chinese herbal medicine planting bases owned by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited, the raw materials of Wang Laojin have undergone strict selection and quality inspection with reference to GAP requirements. Wang Laoji and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Murad have jointly launched the research work of international standard for herbal tea. It is the first company to apply the genetic barcode technology for the identification of raw materials in herbal beverages.

 As scientific research and innovation can bring about high quality standard, Wang Laoji adheres to the“five-level quality assurance system”, implementing quality control throughout the process with reference to the pharmaceutical standards and inspecting products with pressure detection system before they are delivered. With respect to production management, Wang Laoji has prepared extremely high production management standard, which not only adopts the advanced technologies such as quantitative extraction and fingerprinting, but also sets up the first “Key Herbal Tea Technology R&D Center” in China. It also carries out work on standardized planting, quality control and safety evaluation of raw materials in herbal tea.


 As for the innovation in production capacity, in 2015, the phase I of Wanglaoji Ya'an production base was put in to mass production; the Tianzhou Innovative Industrial Base, which is the first one integrating“production, scientific research and culture”, was put into mass production; the production bases were planned and built in Anhui, Zhejiang and Henan, which was helpful to integrate the industrial chain and guarantee the authentic quality of products.


 Well known as the “Integrated and honest Wang Laoji”, Wang Laoji launched many innovative initiatives this year to win the favor of consumers. In May, Wang Laoji launched the “Chaoji+” strategy to create a herbal tea ecosystem. “The Hotter, The Better Can” marketing project to interact and emotionally resonate with young people; Wang Laoji launched the festival “Auspicious Can” in response to the expression of “Lucky Culture”in China. In terms of cultural promotion and inheritance, Wang Laoji worked hand in hand with the first conference of China's Century-old Brand-name Alliance; "Wang Laoji Brand Culture Documentary" as the first documentary in herbal tea industry will be broadcast on CCTV, etc., which will greatly improve the reputation of Wang Laoji in consumers.


 Some marketing experts said that Wang Laoji has won three consecutive championships in consumer satisfaction survey, and has gained the credibility of the brand because of its excellent quality. Furthermore, Wang Laoji constantly cooperate with all parties to form the“13th Five-Year Plan” of Wang Laoji's great health industry in terms of channels, production capacity and resources. It has shown a significant growth potential in the herbal tea industry, and realized a comprehensively favorable kick-off for 2016.