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Wanglaoji Wins Again- No.1 of 2017 China Brand Power Index Herbal Tea

2018-09-10 1494 browsing

 Recently, Wanglaoji won the first place in the ranking of the herbal tea brand in the (7th) China Brand Power Index SM (C-BPI®) brand ranking and analysis report by China's leading brand rating and brand consultancy Chnbrand.


 It is reported that C-BPI adopts China's first brand value evaluation system, which is the first brand list of Chinese brands. It was first launched in 2011 and has been supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's brand policy for several consecutive years.


 As the only annual national brand survey project, C-BPI is not only the BrandPower index used to measure the purchase behavior of consumers, but also the first brand value evaluation system implemented by consumers and enterprises in the industry. It has become a basic reference indicator for enterprises to strengthen their competitiveness and practice strategic brand management, and is very authoritative.


 This time, that Wanglaoji won the first place in the brand strength of the Chinese brand power index in the herbal tea industry in 2017 fully demonstrated the consumer's trust and love for Wanglaoji herbal tea, and also showed Wanglaoji's leading strength in the herbal tea brand. In recent years, Wanglaoji insisted on the implementation of brand-name development strategy in terms of "fashion, technology, culture", which has captured the "heart" of more and more consumers.


 In the salon session of the 2017 China Brand Power Index Conference, Ye Ji, who is deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji GreatHealth Industry Co., Ltd., shared the experience of Wanglaoji’s brand rejuvenation. “The idea of Wanglaoji’s brand rejuvenation is that it is not anti-aging, not younger, but fashion. The core of the brand is how the brand appears among young people in a way that young people favor."

The Deputy General Manager of Wanglaoji, Ye Jizeng

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Inherit a Hundred-year Brand; Wanglaoji's Brand Strength Continues to Improve

 As it's known that China is entering a new era in which all the mankind talk about health, love health, and try the best to create the healthy environment. The health industry that is accompanied by health, especially the big health industry, is quietly emerging. Wanglaoji, which inherits the 189-year-old herbal tea culture in China, continues to innovate, so that the Chinese herbal tea culture under the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancestors can be perfectly displayed to the world in a hundred years, and its brand strength is also continuously strengthened.


 As a hundred-year-old brand, Wanglaoji is never old-fashioned in brand marketing, while the first generation of herbal tea is becoming younger and younger. In the first half of 2017, Wanglaoji named two popular varieties in the field of entertainment marketing, one is Zhejiang Satellite TV's We are 17 years old at the beginning of the year, and the other one is a pure-net music idol that Tencent Video recently broadcasted program The Son of Tomorrow, which has performed well in rating performance and audience response.


 While promoting the traditional Chinese herbal tea culture to young people, Wanglaoji is also committed to promoting the herbal tea culture to overseas markets and enhancing international influence. For example, the 2017 Fortune Global Forum will be held in Guangzhou this year, by the time, as the official herbal tea, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea will appear on the forum. Just two weeks ago, Wanglaoji appeared in the Chicago Global Road Show of the Fortune Global Forum and held a conference on the theme of "Chinese Herbal Tea Culture and American Market of Wanglaoji", showing the world the unique charm of Chinese brands under the combination of classical heritage and modern craft innovation.