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The exclusive black herbal tea for the post-90’s generation will hit the market, ushering in a diversified era of herbal tea industry

2018-09-10 3100 browsing

Last week, Wang Laoji announced that it would launch the "1828" commemorative cans to celebrate its upcoming 190th anniversary. When everyone talks about it, we have launched a brand new product at lightning speed-the black herbal tea! The speed is even beyond our own imagination! The black herbal tea is a brand new herbal tea product created by Wang Laoji for the post-90’s generation, which features subversive differences in efficacy and packaging. Recently, the black herbal tea has been launched for sale in Jingdong Mall. The black herbal tea will mainly be sold on e-commerce platforms.

The biggest secret of the herbal tea industry in its development over centuries is that the needs of consumers come first. The black herbal tea is a herbal tea subcategory developed on the basis of the ancient Wang Laoji Herbal Tea in the context of consumption upgrades to meet the needs of young consumers. Through innovation, we are confident to continue to activate and expand the herbal tea categories, so as to create a diversified era of the herbal tea industry.

Black herbal tea: exclusive herbal tea for post-90’s generation

What is black herbal tea? Our goal is to create exclusive herbal tea for the post-90’s generation!


First of all, Wang Laoji is aiming at the post-90’s generation! In China, the post-90’s generation has become the main force of market consumption, who has grown up with the development of China's Internet and economic transformation. This generation of people are willing to spend a lot of energy and devote themselves to the things they are passionate about. They are more concentrated and devoted, who are pursuing the extreme fun in life, work, interest and study. However, the "extreme" is often accompanied by "unbalance", so this generation often suffers from internal heat due to unbalance in the body due to personal habits.

Secondly, Wang Laoji is good at quenching internal heat, and black herbal tea brings about a better effect, specifically for the habitual internal heat! The formula of black herbal tea is the  enhanced Wang Laoji's formula, which renders better effect and stronger flavor, and can solve the problem of habitual inflammation plaguing the post-90’s generation. Never be afraid of internal heat, and enjoy the fanaticism! This is the slogan of black herbal tea! The black herbal tea will become a sub-category of the herbal tea industry.


Why is it black? The black herbal tea is a brand new herbal tea product. In addition to the innovation in efficacy and taste, the most striking characteristic is the “colorful black”. Most of the post-90s are fans of Internet and quadratic elements, so its packaging is more young and personalized. The cans of black herbal tea highlights the black color with 88 kinds of avid patterns to represent 88 attitudes of the young generation. Once the black herbal tea hit the market, it was immediately well received by many young consumers. It is worth mentioning that this packaging design was the masterpiece of the well-known designer Mr. Pan Hu, which won the 2017 German Red Dot Award, known as the “Oscar”award in the design field.

Ushering a New Era of Diversified Herbal Tea Market

According to the growth rules of global international beverage brands, when the core products are becoming mature, it is the only way to expand the scale of the industry by developing new subcategories to meet different consumer needs. With respect to the herbal tea, it is necessary to continue to enrich the categories, expand the scale and refine the structure of the industry. Therefore, we launched the black herbal tea, which is intended to create a new era of diversified categories based on the traditional single product model. The significance not only lies in rejuvenating the brand, but also in activating the new category and new growth points in the herbal tea industry.

As a national brand with a history of nearly 190 years, we have always shouldered the great mission of expanding and growing the herbal tea industry. Over more than 100 years, Wang Laoji has continued to inherit and innovate, from the initial herbal tea in cups to the easy-to-carry herbal tea bag, herbal tea powder, herbal tea essence, and then into boxed and canned liquid herbal tea, the herbal tea has been upgraded through technological innovation. In the future, Wang Laoji will keeps on exploring the herbal tea market as always, and bringing more herbal tea choices to consumers in response to the diversified needs of different consumer groups and occasions!